Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fairytale The Novel Book Review

I am pretty new at book reviewing and so to be a part of my first book tour is an awesome thing! Writerly Yours hosted this tour for a YA novel, Fairytale, written by Hope Pennington. I would like to thank Priya from Writerly Yours for organizing. It's been fun being a part of this.

I loved that this book brought the classic fairy tale into the concept of the story line.  It starts off with a young guy named Sean. He is living a typical life of trying to figure out what to do but definitely not wanting it to involve school, books or a little sister! We all have been that age and in that season of life so we can all relate! He then is taken into a whole new world right from his very own backyard where he is called the "Treasure Seeker" and "Chosen One". What's cool about this book is that he goes in feeling all the nonsense of adolescents but comes out with a whole new perspective on life! The adventures he went on challenge him and grow him.

This book is courageous, exciting and fun. Hope Pennington did a great job off bringing creativity and adventure into this story, while teaching the reader valuable lessons. It's a book that can be read by young adults who enjoy computer games or the classic reader who enjoys fair tale classics. This book is a great read written by a great author!

You can purchase your own copy for yourself or the young adult reader in your life on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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