Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taking A Break From Social Media

So, I have decided to take a break from social media and all it's "glory"!  =)

I have had a lot going on and after spending lots of time with the Lord, I have (clearing throat, HE has) decided that I not only need to spend much of my time fasting and praying but I also need to clear my mind of social media and all of the junk that comes with it, including my sweet little blog here!  I have lots of changes I need to make with my personal growth and I also need to really focus on Him and what He wants for my life!  Social media tends to sway my focus away from the important things, allows me to "snoop" on others, and I have found that too many "shallow friendships and empty relationships" keep on going in life because of Social Media.  Yes, I know that's harsh but.... true!  It takes real time to maintain a relationship/friendship with people and if the only connection I really have to somebody is through the facebook or twitter world then my everyday real life relationships are being cheated of having all of me! Just a realization I have currently come to realize, although, I have made some great friends through this sweet little blog here!   Whom most of you, we do talk via text or phone calls or emails every other day or so, so I am confident that my absence from spending time in social media world will not effect the true friendships I have made with some of you gals!

I am also having surgery on the 8th, so asking my blogger pals out there, please keep me in your prayers! =) 

I am honestly not sure how long I will be away from the social media world.  Honestly, I am not even positive that I will be back.  I think a lot of the personal changes I need to make for myself might find me getting rid of social media all together....forever.  We shall see.  I do enjoy keeping up with family and friends from back home and I do enjoy writing in my blog and I know I have a calling to encourage but I will allow God to work in me to determine how He would like me to encourage others.  I just know that right now, HE needs my focus more than anything else does and that once I give Him all of me, everything else will fall into place as He sees fit!

So, please keep me and my family and loved ones in your prayers blogger friends as I will you!

God Bless!  =)