Friday, October 24, 2014

High Five For Friday ~ Girlfriends Come In Any Age And In Every Season

High Five For Friday Number One ~

What a busy week..... I'm just glad it's Friday!!!!!

High Five For Friday Number Two ~

Prayer Walk is tomorrow and I'm so excited and touched to be a part of it this year!  I'm taking photographs for it and I'm really excited to see what God can and will do in our city!!!

High Five For Friday Number Three ~

This week was really busy but filled with so many blessings.  I was able to really enjoy some one on one time with one of the ladies in my Thursday morning Bible study and it was truly a gift.  All of the ladies are between the ages of 50-80 so it's an honor to be in the presence of such amazing women of God.  Their wisdom just astounds me!  Getting to know them one on one is a goal of mine and I'm so excited to grow closer to these amazing women of God.

High Five For Friday Number Four ~

We all know how precious friendships are.  Life is so fragile and let's face it, with busy schedules and busy lives.....we tend to overlook special people in our lives.  Life long friendships are hard to come by.  Just like any relationship; friendships take work and patience.  We have to be able to love big, share much, and be able to forgive and learn to be humble when we need forgiveness.  It was a blessing to spend some time with my sweet friend Margo.  Margo and I have been super duper close girlfriends since Jr. High and needless to say, we have been through A LOT together.  Time and schedules and anything else you want to throw in put some distance between us but we finally found some time to be able to sit down and have lunch, talk, and have a few giggles!  I'm very thankful for the lunch date and we have decided to make girlfriend lunch a priority!  Same place same time next week!

High Five For Friday Number Five ~

Work is going great!  My hours are better and I'm getting much better at the job.

Things are looking up!  God is good!

Love Is Jesus Christ

"Love like this cannot be fully understood."

Christ died for us, for our salvation.  He died for people who would reject Him and His love over and over again.  Think about how many people throughout your life who have rejected you.  Would you die for them?  Would you even die for somebody you "loved".  The answer is probably "no" to the first question and "maaaaaaybe" to the second question.  Yet, here is a man who died for you and for me.  How many times have you rejected Him?  I'm not going to lie, I have several times.  Even as a Christian, I have rejected Him.  We reject Him when we lie, gossip, ignore His calling in our lives, when we choose to be selfish instead of giving, and the list goes on. We reject him all of the time yet Christ died for us and loves us THAT much.  Love is Christ.

"Nor can love like this be earned."

This gift from God is free.  Eternal life for believers is not something to be earned.  Only faith can get us there.  Works will not give us eternal life.

Loving like Christ means loving when it is not being returned, loving imperfections and flaws, and being God's instrument to love others.

"In His love and in His mercy He redeemed me." Isaiah 63:9