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Baseball, autism awareness and a love story that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy....what more could you ask for in a novel? Playing For The Save, written by Rachelle Ayala is a warm book that pulled on my heart strings about a handsome baseball player named Ryan and a divorced single mother named Jamie. Jamie isn't your typical single mother. She is a mother who is dealing with extreme emotional abuse from her ex-husband while raising two boys, one who is autistic. Jamie is an excellent mother who loves and cares for her boys deeply. Ryan is attracted to this and is eager to be a part of Jamie's life. He has a desire to take care of her and the boys and makes no secret of how he feels. Jamie is scared but Ryan isn't going to give up.

With lots of ups and downs, including a crazy ex-husband, this couple and the kids navigate through it all. This book will both warm your heart and keep you captivated and invested in the story. Not only will you be left with a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart but you will be aware of  what autism can bring. This book provides an amazing outlet to bring awareness to autism and the challenges families can face. This book is a must read!

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