Saturday, October 29, 2016

ShoeDazzle Stormie Chocolate Boots

It's Fall y'all and that means only one thing...... FALL FASHION is here!!! I'm not going to lie, fall fashion is one of my most favorite things about the season! Shoe Dazzle has some of the cutest boots this season! You have GOT to check them out at and tell them your friend Cryssie Addis sent ya! ;)

Here is the new Stormie Chocolate Boot......beautiful and comfortable! A must have this fall season!

Mandarin Sleeve Fancy Shift Dress

Thank you to my friends at Fashion Mia for this beautiful Mandarin Sleeve Fancy Shift dress.

I read to children at the local library in this beautiful outfit today and it was so comfortable yet so fancy! I'm so in love with this dress! You can order yours at

My favorite part of this dress are the elegant sleeves. I felt so fancy! It matched my crown perfectly! 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Eliminate the Fan In You

In a world full of skewed values, constant hate and selfish motives, we need to do everything we can to eliminate just being a "fan" of Jesus. You might be asking yourself right now, "what does she mean by being a 'fan' of Jesus, I love Jesus .......isn't that good enough?" The truth is that loving Jesus and being a true follower of Jesus are two totally different things and as Christians, we need to do both.

There was a time in my life where I was on the fence in my christian walk. I had one foot in and one foot out flirting with a worldly lifestyle. One day after a night out at the bars I got home, hopped on social media and saw that a friend had posted this quote, I would love to say reading this quote about Christians being the cause of atheism shifted something in me.....but it didn't. In my warped mind of thinking I was still doing right because I was going to church every Sunday, I said to myself "Yeah! You hypocrites, you are turning people away from Christ!" and then I reposted it. So my page for that weekend was as follows...."Wooo having fun with the girls" (at a bar, I didn't have a drink in my hand, just the other girls did so I was good", "Wooooo ran into these cute boys" (I wasn't making out with any of them and again, no beer in my hand. My clothes were a little questionable but who cares, I'm not showing them that I am drinking), then a repost of the awesome quote about hypocrite Christians, next my sweet post about how church service was awesome.....but it didn't stop there because it was "Sunday Fun day" and I had to go celebrate at the bars a few hours after church. Sad huh?

I was lost. I was so totally and utterly lost that I had NO idea what I was doing to myself, other lost people, other people still on the fence or most importantly my walk with God. I was hurting myself more than what I would have been had I just been all in to a sinful world of unbelieving. Sounds harsh but it's true and scripture tells us this too:

"But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!" Revelation 3:16

That scripture scares me but I didn't get it until a loving person in my small group at the time (yes, I was attending a small group in between my nights out bar and club hopping) pulled me to the side and said, "I'm saying this out of love because I know you want to be a vessel for Christ but I have to tell you, you're doing it wrong and I want you to read this scripture...." She then lovingly and with so much wisdom in her every word explained to me that this scripture was a warning to all of us and that this scripture alone tells us that it isn't enough to just say I love Him but I have to show it to Him every single day and I have to reach the lost and unloved by living a lifestyle that HONORS God. And then she broke it to me, I was not living a lifestyle that honored myself or the One who gave His only begotten Son for me. That evening shook my world. I had so many mixed emotions; hurt, anger, pain, resentment, bitterness, guilt, conviction, sadness.....and I finally hit my knees and asked for complete forgiveness and a complete surrender. I told God that I was SO sorry for all the lost people that I confused with my behavior, out at the bars and clubs one night then church the next. How I must have confused so many people or even worse......turned them away from the most beloved Father.

I spent many weeks not talking to anybody. I had so much to sort out in my mind, my heart and in my life. All of my friends lived the half in and half out lifestyle and didn't understand what I was trying to tell them when I started declining nights out. I would ask them to come over and watch a movie instead and would literally get laughed at. So, I knew I needed to make LOTS of drastic changes in my life, sadly even cutting off relationships with some people. But I had finally hit that sweet spot where I really understood and I finally GOT IT and I was willing to do anything and everything to please Him and be obedient. I needed to get my heart right and my lifestyle in good standing with Him.

I finally came to a place where I yielded my whole life to Him. I realized that when we truly have Christ upon our lives, our untamed and sinful natures are brought under His control. We no longer desire the things of the flesh above pleasing Him. My single loneliness would no longer trump my love for Him. I stopped going out, I stopped dating the wrong guys and started dating my beloved God. I fell in love with Him and started to dive into the Word so much that it was a part of my very being. I felt hungry and I had never felt that before. He was truly my best friend and the Father I respected and honored with every part of my life. I was no longer just His fan.

"Whoever loves pure thoughts and kind words will have even the King as a friend." Proverbs 22:11

If you are struggling with being one foot in and foot out, trust me, you are not ever too far gone for Him. Surrender it ALL to Him and be obedient to how He wants you to live. Will it be easy, nothing worth having ever is; you will probably lose some relationships, you will go through times of loneliness and the temptation will creep back in but you have to fight it. I would fight everything with the Word. I got lonely, I dove into my Bible and prayer. I started to feel left out from the big night out to celebrate someone's birthday, I dove into my Bible and prayer and celebrated my positive changes with my Father. Everything always went back to Him and that is the moment my whole life shifted. God started to really use me to minister to people, He started to give me vision of what my purpose was, He started to open doors to work in ministry and to love on others in a way that was so deep and meaningful. He finally trusted me to do His work.

Don't be just His fan. He wants SO much more for you and for your relationship with Him. We can't have true relationship with Him if we are hurting His heart every other weekend. Does He forgive us and love us even in that season, absolutely! But it doesn't mean He wants us to stay there! Time to surrender! Time to change! Time to stop being His fan and being His daughters and sons!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Clergy Appreciation

Thank you Bahama Bucks for the appreciation and gift card!!! 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekend Shenanigans - Scary Movies, Pokeman, and Rest

I didn't have much weekend shenanigans since I have been resting from having the endoscopy but it was definitely a nice weekend still.

Hubby and I watched some scary Halloween movies....I mean it's the month of October!! So, he grabbed us some popcorn from Ears A Poppin' and we made it a weekend of movie rentals!!!!

By the way, the Witch was very scary and very good!!!! If you are looking for a creepy movie to watch this October, this is the one to watch! CREEPY!!!! I said "Jesus Jesus Jesus" the whole time!

Today we got out for the first time and joined the Pokeman Art Drop...I started to feel a little dizzy from meds but we made it long enough to grab this beauty from one of my favorite artists, XReyRey!

Now we are home relaxing watching one of my favs.....

Hoping tomorrow, I will feel better!!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Meet Ezra

In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month, I'm going to share something with you all. I kept this intimate between my husband and I but I'm ready to now share it with you all. The week before our projected due date (September 4th) for what would have been our first child, we named our baby. We weren't far along enough to know the sex of our baby but I felt it in my spirit that our first child would be a boy. Right after I started to lose the pregnancy, that feeling instantly died. I knew in my heart of hearts, that was our baby boy that I always felt we would have. I shared this with my husband the day we named our baby and we agreed that his name would have to have a profound meaning.

Let me back up a little to the month we lost our baby boy. I was obviously sad but what saddened me the most wasn't that I wouldn't be able to hold him in my arms or be his mommy but that I would never get to see my baby live out his purpose. After I opened up about our loss, I had so many women reach out to me and tell me how their miscarriage had impacted their life in a profound way and shared with me that my writings had touched them and helped them come to a place of wanting healing and closure. One night after a long conversation with a woman from North Carolina via Facebook IM, the Lord spoke to my spirit and told me that my baby's purpose would be lived out through me from here on out. He gave me a new outlook on what it meant to help others and to truly be a hand for Jesus. I knew at that moment that my baby's purpose was birthed in me and that he would forever be my.....helper.

My husband and I agreed on a name for our baby boy, Ezra Addis. We haven't agreed on a middle name yet haha....but that's ok. Of course we picked a name that would have a powerful meaning special to him and that meaning is, "helper". My Ezra will forever be mommy's helper in reaching out to a hurting and painful world. I'm not sure what that looks like yet but that's ok, I'm just embracing each moment that I am able to help others on behalf of my Ezra. I won't let you down baby, I will help others and fulfill your purpose!

So, from now on, when anybody meets me.....they will also meet Ezra Addis in me! He is forever in my heart, my mind and spirit! I know God had great big plans for Him and they were fulfilled the moment he came into my life.....the moment I realized the importance of purpose! You see, we all have a purpose in this world. It doesn't matter what your circumstances are or what is happening around you. You have purpose!