Friday, June 16, 2017

Jesus, Love & Lipstick

I have been so excited to announce this y'all!!!

I have decided to become a SeneGence Distributor! Before I tell you how I made this awesome decision, let me first tell ya that I have been using SeneGence LipSense for over a year now!!! The first time I ever used this was my very first appearance reading to children at my local library as Mrs. Lubbock America!!! I had LipSense in my makeup tote for about two weeks and just hadn't had the time to experiment putting it on (there are a couple of steps to it) BUT I had seen all of the pictures on Facebook and I NEEDED something long lasting since I would be speaking! So, I gave it a shot and NEVER TURNED BACK since!

As you can see, I need lipstick that will stay on for hours without having to worry about it coming off, smearing or looking sloppy!!! So, when my first distributor slowed down selling and my  best friend, Margo started selling Senegence, I was excited to have a full time distributor again! Becoming a distributor was far from my thought process but happened! I signed up!!! 


Look at how amazing this lip stick is..... I can take a drink of coffee and have ZERO lipstick come off on my mug!!! *sigh* Magical Makeup.....yes, please!!!! 

If you would like to learn more about SeneGence and/or LipSense then feel free to join my Facebook Group or shoot me an email at or call/text me (806) 730-1100! 

Why "Jesus, Love and Lipstick"? Because I plan on my business being about self love and finding that self love in our beautiful Savior....while we look and feel fabulous! Can't wait to share more about this new chapter with you!

For the look below, I mixed Roseberry and Goddess together!!! Yeah, you can mix and match too.... I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!! 


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