Friday, December 20, 2013

High Five For Friday ~ Christmas Is About The Children.....and a little shopping

High Five Number One:

This has been a fun festive busy week! I love this time of the year.  Christmas is by far my most favorite season and holiday!!!

High Five Number Two:

One of our sweet patients brought sweet treats and a surprise Christmas visit.... I'm blessed to have such wonderful children in my life!

High Five Number Three:

Highlight of my week was watching these two kiddos sing at their school Christmas Concert.  I love these kids so much!

High Five Number Four:

Christmas shopping with my cousin/roommie today..... we got rained on and our feet hurt by the end of the day but we had a blast!  I even got to run into one of my favorite Disney Characters.....

High Five Number Five:

The greatest high five of the week is..... that tomorrow..... we are celebrating this little guy....

A year ago I watched this guy come into the world.  I literally watched him enter the world and saw his eyes the first time he opened them to see what the world outside of mommy was all about.  I heard his first little cry and I was there to watch his mother hold him for the first time.  That moment will always be embedded in my heart and soul.  He's growing so fast and I'm so happy to share his first birthday with him!!!!!  Happy Birthday Andrew!!!!!!