Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Ok Thursdays ~ Addictions and Crushes

It's ok that I'm totally craving a GIANT coca cola right now!  I am supposed to NOT be drinking sodas but I'm really craving one right now and I'm thinking about hopping in the car and driving to McDonalds for one.....

It's ok that I've turned into a night owl.  I used to be a granny and go to bed at 9 or 10ish but my granny days have been non-existent lately and I've turned into a night owl. 

It's ok that I'm still feeling cruddy after a week of being sick.....ugh, ready for this congestion to leave me alone!

It's ok that Daisy is snoring right now.  My dog is cuter than your dog. 

It's ok that thanks to being sick over and over again in my new surroundings of Lubock, Texas....I am now ddicted to Mentholatum.

It's ok that I've developed a cute little crush on this children's author from New York.

Check him out at his work is amazing!  Clever guy!

It's ok that I'm totally digging being with the parentals all of the time now, never thought I would say that but it's been really nice being back home and with momma every day!  I know, I know.....grow up Crystal! HEHE