Thursday, October 30, 2014

What We Become Is Our Gift To God

Today, I woke up with my Tia Ofelia (Sister Celine) on my mind.  I really need to plan a trip to see her soon.  She is an amazing woman and the closest to God's miracle that I have ever known. Her life and the obstacles she overcame are just a testimony to God's love for her and what He can do for us and through us if we just allow Him in our hearts. I'm so blessed to have her in my blood line!  Her life is a complete gift to God and to others!

For those of you who don't know much about my family biological grandfather passed away when my grandmother was pregnant with my Mom.  So, my Mom never met her biological father.  My great aunt is his only sibling and the only connection I have really ever had to my biological grandfather on my Mom's side.  The love my Great Aunt has for her brother (my grandfather) is exhibited by the love she shows to my Mom, my aunt, my cousins, and my sister and myself.  She loves us so much!!!!!!!  She makes me happy just thinking about her.  The picture below is a picture of three of the most important women in my life!!  I cherish this picture so much! It makes my heart happy to see all three of them together.  (my mommy is the one in the beautiful pink dress that my sissy, step-dad, and I gave her as a gift one year) Aren't they all beautiful and lovely!?!? :)  I'm truly blessed to have such amazing women in my life!

As I thought about my tia this morning, I thought about all that she has taught me.  The one thing she taught me is that no matter what life throws at us or what cards we were dealt in life, we always have a choice to become what God created us to become.  We always have a choice to be a good person who honors Him in all.  Her beauty surpasses any beauty I have ever known.  Her soul truly belongs to Him and it's seen in everything she does and in everything she says.  I can only hope to be a quarter of the gift to God that she has been for Him.  Because of her, I know that God loves me and has big plans for me!  She is the reason why I try my hardest to spread His word and His love.  She showed me that kind of love since I was a baby and it really made a BIG impact on my life.

I hope today you will go out and show somebody God's love and make an impact!  Let your life be a gift to God and let your light shine!