Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Six - Girlfriends, Photography, and Trips

Saturday Six Number One:

Started off the weekend seeing my sweet loves......

I'm so blessed and thank God for my Godly Girlfriends!  Love these two!

Saturday Six Number Two:


Saturday Six Number Three:

Full day of shoots and the weather was AMAZING for it!!!!!!!!  Now it's a night of editing.  Yes, please!!!!  Love my job!

Saturday Six Number Four:

I'll be watching my favorite Fred Astaire movie while I edit.....

Saturday Six Number Five:

So excited for my trip to Arkansas!!!!! I miss my amazing friends so much!!!  My heart is truly in two different places!

Saturday Six Number Six:

Excited for my trip to Washington and New York!  I have a feeling the trip is going to be a life changer! ;)