Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday ~ Simple and Sweet

I am loving that my Teal Toes still look amazing!

I am love love loving this little girl's smile!

I am loving fall!  I love love love fall!  Fall colors, fall fashion, pumpkins, pumpkin patches, warm apple cider!  LOVE IT!

Bikes Blues and BBQ 2012

I'm not generally a Bikes Blues and BBQ kinda gal.  The only time I had ever been before this year was a few years ago when I was a semi-pro cheerleader. 

We had a promotion there and I was only there for the promo and then I was OUT!  For some reason, I was always scared of it.  (P.S. - we probably look super tired and warn out, we were)

This year, the boy talked me into going.  I was very hesitant to go but I went because I knew it meant a lot to him for me to spend time with him and his brother, to get to know his brother.  So, the first day Ed was in town, just he and Michael went.  Then, I was asked to tag along, so I did and we really did have a GREAT time!  The motorcycles and the amount that were there were PHENOMENAL!  It's crazy how many bikes were there!  Here are a few pics from our Bikes And Blues adventures!

Life sure is good!  =)