Saturday, February 16, 2013

High Five For Friday ~ Valentine's Week

HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!!! Woot woot!!!!

High Five Number one:

This little diva in her Valentine's tutu.....nuff said.... adorbs!

High Five Number Two:

Valentine's week was pretty amazing!  It was my step-dad's birthday as well, so spending lots of time with the parentals is always a good thing!

High Five Number Three:

Getting my FAVORITE dessert eVer and seeing this sweet guy on Valentine's!

High Five Number Four:
Finding this sweet picture of my Aunt on her big trip!  She's so precious! I love her with every ounce of love I could possibly ever have!!!!

High Five Number Five:

The BIGGEST high five of the week..... FULLY letting go of the past and realizing how much God has worked in my heart over the last few months.  Realizing that He allowed heartaches to happen and disappointments to break my heart so that I could be in His perfect will!  Finally grasping that His best for me is yet to come and what I thought was the best was certainly not (FAR from it).  Finally waking up to eyes wide opened and realizing so much that I was blind to, things literally clicked for me in one moment and that one moment changed EVERYTHING for me! God is so AMAZING!!!!!  I have never been happier in my life than where I am now!  Being with my family is so amazing, my Church is phenomenal, my childhood friends ROCK, I start my new job on Monday, I was asked to be in another commercial for Fox 34, my photography business is growing, and I have adored the single life so much!!!!  It's really been amazing to see how much I have grown in every aspect of my life and I owe it all to Him!!!!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!!  Life is the most amazing it has ever been!!!!!