Thursday, February 21, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Low Angle

It's Ok Thursdays ~ This Working Girl Does Not Have A Date To The Ball

It's ok that I'm totally exhausted from being back to work but I TOTALLY love it!!!! Being a working girl again ROCKS!!!!

It's ok that I'm stressed out over some decisions I need to make.....GREAT decisions but none-the-less.....stressful! Thank God, I have an amazing God who will guide me....juuuussstttt as soon as I let it go to Him! ;)

It's ok that I do not have a date for the ball on Saturday because now that I don't have a date for the actual ball, I get to have a stay at home date with one amazing man....

That's right folks, I will be babysitting a sweet Andrew while his mommy and daddy go to the ball! See, being single has it's privileges!

It's ok that I'm totally over American Idol..... bored with it and this makes me very sad!

Thursday Morning Quick Update

Started my new job this week and it has been great! Meeting lots of amazing people!!! Loving life!!!