Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday ~ Photography, Family, and Happiness

I am loving that I'm getting more photography clients!  I'm so excited for my business to grow!

I am loving being home and having home cooked meals made by Momma almost every night! 

I am loving the new season of life I am entering in.... so much to be excited about!  SO MUCH! Eeeee..... happiness happiness happiness!!!!!

I am loving the experience of watching God work so much out in my life!  It really has been amazing to see all He is doing for me and in me!  He's so amazing!  GOD IS SO GOOD!!! Thank you Jesus!

I am loving that I get to have lunch with two very special Godly women tomorrow!  Fellowship with amazing Godly women is always a fun time!!! 

I am loving working on these two beautiful people's portraits!