Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five For Friday ~ Thanksgiving Thanksgiving THANKSGIVING!!!!!

1.  High Five number one ~ I worked a full day today!  WOOT WOOT!  Sure I felt like crap when I was done BUT I DID IT!!!!!!!!  WOOT WOOT!

2. High Five number two ~  THANKSGIVING is next week and I'm so super excited and even better than Thanksgiving being next week....I get to see my sweet wonderful family and friends from back home!  Normally, I will meet up with a group of my high school friends and it's always like a giant high school reunion.  Although, I'm not sure IF that will be the case this year BUT I know I will get to see a handful of them for sure and for THAT, I am totally STOKED! 

Here are some pics of my beautiful friends from previous holiday visits!!! YAY THANKSGIVING!

These are friends I grew up with and have known since childhood or from college!  LOVE THEM ALL!!!!



Couldn't resist to post pictures from previous holiday visits!!!!!!  Going back home is always so much fun!!!!!

AND a piece of seeing my cousins and niece....DUH!  I love them!  They make my life complete!

and seeing my Aunts and Mom and eating home cooked meals is going to be the BEST....I mean THE BEST part of THANKSGIVING!!!!!! Love these ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVE THEM!

AND I just have to throw DAISY in the mix because .....because she's CUTE and because she is a princess and because she is Daisy.....and she's cute!

3. High Five number three ~ my sweet students from Christian Women Job Corp graduate tomorrow!  I hope hope hope I am feeling up to going to graduation!  After working a full day today, I have been in pain this evening but maybe sleeping in and a nice breakfast will do the trick! :)

4.  High Five number four ~ uhhhhh...... need I say more.....

5. High Five number five ~ I had another eye opener this evening and another step closer to Him and what He wants me to see!  God is so good!  I can't get over how much He has been working in my heart lately!  I fell to my knees searching for answers and He is showing them to me more and more each day!  He makes things clearer and clearer each day it seems like!  I feel like I am back to my old self but with lots of growth....that might be an oxy-moron but it's how I feel and it's hard to!  This Thanksgiving, I truly have SO much to be thankful for!  I couldn't be more blessed to serve such a wonderful and giving God!  I'm so loved by Him!!!!!  I am His jewel!  =)