Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Letters - I Am Thankful.....a frown doesn't mean I'm NOT thankful, duh!

Dear Thanksgiving, You came and have it's Christmas and I lost my Christmas spirit somewhere between Halloween and a week before Thanksgiving.  Fail! This is odd for me because I love love love me some Christmas.... something's gotta give....soon, right?

Dear bank account, I need more money.  Please and thank you!

Dear blah feeling, I need you to please go away.  You aren't fun to be around and I'm personally sick of you sticking around.  Just sayin'..... 

Dear Daisy, why aren't you cuddling with me? 

Dear Forensic Files, I'm addicted to watching you and that's not cool.  You scare me.

Dear God, I'm down lately but I still love You and I know You have AMAZING plans for me! Jeremiah 29:11 reminds me of what you want for me.  Thank you for your love and mercy!