Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday ~ Blessings And Lubbock

I am loving that I spent my Tuesday night/Wed Morning helping deliver my best friend's baby!  Words cannot express what an experience that was.  If moving back to Texas was all just for that ONE moment, then it was well worth it!  Words cannot express what a blessing it was to be in the same room and to literally watch Andrew be born!  I am not sure  how anybody walks out of an experience like that the same person!  To actually see a life brought into the world.  It's amazing!  Makes me even more excited to become a mother one day!

It's ok that I have been laying around all day.  I'm tired, feeling sick, and there is a major dust storm outside.  While some are waiting on a white Christmas, Lubbock Texas is getting a brown one! YIKES!  Welcome Home Crystal!

It's ok that I'm totally in love with a one Kliff Kingsbury.....whooooa nelly!  So excited to see what he does for our Texas Tech Football program!!!! WRECK EM!

It's ok that I'm still feeling totally lost.  I feel like my heart is in two places, here in Lubbock and back in North West Arkansas.  I have really been missing my friends over there and I do miss Michael.  All I can do is just keep praying and allowing God to guide me.  I know He is going to work it all out and bless me!  I just need to keep stepping back and allowing Him to fight this battle for me.  It's a battle of confusion and heartbreak.  I know He will plant me somewhere and I will be OK! =)

It's ok that I am loving the wedding photos of my sweet friend Elly's wedding!  So happy for her and Robert and glad I was able to capture the moment for them!