Monday, December 17, 2012

We Need To Trust Him

God's wisdom supersedes all human wisdom.
Lately I have really had to put my faith out there.  I have had so many ups and downs over the last few months, that emotions have left me at a loss. I have made some pretty drastic moves in life, literally, moves.  I left North West Arkansas to spend some time with my family.  I prayed and prayed about this move and my flesh fought it as I had always told myself "I will never live in Lubbock again,".  God reminded me quickly that I had said that, not Him.  I made the leap of faith and obeyed him.  It was a hard decision as I have NO idea what I am supposed to be doing.  I know I want to do a long term missions trip and have been looking into discipleship school in Colorado but that would not be any time too soon.  I know more than anything, I need to spend time with my family and friends here in  Lubbock.  I need to find ME again and remember where I came from and get a grasp of who God wants me to be.  Most importantly, I need to continue to follow Him and trust that He has His reasons for having me here. 
In all of life's ups and downs over the last few months, I have held strong to His wisdom.  I can't see what He can.  Only He knows why He has allowed things to happen in life.  He is such a great God! I don't always understand the whys or the hows and I don't know why certain things happen but I know He is a God of comfort and peace. 
I have asked myself over the past few days why there is such evil in the world.  Why would God allow such evilness but then I remember that we live in Satan's play ground.  My heart aches for the children in Connecticut and for the parents.  I know there are lots of questions but I hope through it all, God's comfort isn't questioned.  I don't know why things are allowed to happen but I do know that we have to trust Him.  We have to take tragedies and allow them to change our hearts.  Take the time to cherish our loved ones and for parents to step up and love your children.  We have to understand that there is evil in this world and we have choices. 
"A hot furnace tests silver and gold, but the Lord tests hearts." Proverbs 17:3
God was taken out of most of our schools years ago.  Why?  He has even been taken out of the Christmas season when it IS about Christ.  It amazes me that people do not see how this world is falling into Satan's hands more and more and that if we don't get a grip and allow Him back into our schools, jobs, lives.....then it will only get worse! How can we expect Him to protect us and protect our children if we are not allowing Him to?  God is a gentleman and He will not force Himself on us.  We must ask Him to come in.  Invite Him back into school, work places, our homes.  It is a CHOICE!
I normally do not write about world news but considering the journey life has recently taken me on, I have realized how important His light and protection is in our lives.  I am not sure how I would have made it through certain events in the last few months with out Him.  I have needed Him physically, financially, spiritually....I have needed His healing in every aspect of my life and He has been there but I had to ask Him to be.  I had to obey and trust Him!  Sometimes, that is all He really wants, is our trust.
Trust Him today.  Trust Him to guide you, help you with those changes you should make, lead you to where HE wants you to be, trust Him to help you forgive somebody today, trust Him to ask somebody for forgiveness today, or trust Him to just simply be there to comfort you.  We can't do these things on our own.  It is impossible.  I have tried.  It doesn't work that way.  We need Him. 
We need to trust Him.