About Crystal

My name is Crystal Addis and I'm 37-years-old.  I am totally and completely blessed with a phenomenal husband,  exceptional family, and amazing friends!! My family is my rock and I have friends that I consider my family. I am so blessed! 

My relationship with God is the number one relationship in my life.  I have been through a lot in life and with out my God I would be a bitter and hateful person!  When I tried to run my own life it didn't work out but when I handed it over to Him and started to live by truth and scripture, things started falling together.  I'm so happy with my life that there is no one in this world I would trade places with! 

I am the Life Group Coordinator for Trinity Church in Lubbock, Texas and I absolutely love working in ministry and working for the local Church!!  I have a deep passion for music, fashion, photography, dancing, mission work, and writing.  I am known to be creative and crafty!  I have a closet full of beautiful shoes and yet I tend to wear the same pair everyday.  I heart purse and hat shopping but most of all shopping for others.  I am a book worm to the fullest and enjoy inspirational books.  I am a hardcore list maker and obsessed with daily planners.  I like hot chocolate no matter the temperature outside.  My favorite color is pink and I am known to be animated from time to time!

So, cuddle up in your warm throw blanket and sip on a cup of hot chocolate and read my little blog and get to know me better! 

"Depend on the Lord in whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."  Proverbs 16:3

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