Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekend Shenanigans - Scary Movies, Pokeman, and Rest

I didn't have much weekend shenanigans since I have been resting from having the endoscopy but it was definitely a nice weekend still.

Hubby and I watched some scary Halloween movies....I mean it's the month of October!! So, he grabbed us some popcorn from Ears A Poppin' and we made it a weekend of movie rentals!!!!

By the way, the Witch was very scary and very good!!!! If you are looking for a creepy movie to watch this October, this is the one to watch! CREEPY!!!! I said "Jesus Jesus Jesus" the whole time!

Today we got out for the first time and joined the Pokeman Art Drop...I started to feel a little dizzy from meds but we made it long enough to grab this beauty from one of my favorite artists, XReyRey!

Now we are home relaxing watching one of my favs.....

Hoping tomorrow, I will feel better!!!!

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