Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Ok Thursday ~ Last One Of 2012

It's ok that I have been SO lazy today!!!!! 

It's ok that I have been reflecting a lot on my past year and not really knowing how I survived it.  2012 has been by far the worst year I have ever had.  However, even though it has been the worst as far as "events" go, it has definitely been a good year as far as growth goes.  I learned so much about myself this year.  I learned the importance of life in many different ways and I learned the value of love and the importance of faith.  I learned more of who I really am and the things I want to change to be who I really am supposed to be and THAT is something I would not take back for the world.  I hope 2013 is an amazing year!  I hope it is one that will by far be the greatest for me!  I hope to become closer to my amazing friends in both Texas and Arkansas, I hope to find true love and to be valued, I hope to become a better Christian woman and become closer to Him in all areas of my life!  
So with that I will end my last "It's Ok Thursday" of 2012 with....
It's ok that I'm SUPER DUPER excited for 2013!!!!!  

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