Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Letters

I normally do High Five Friday but today, I decided to link up with this pretty lady for Friday Letters!   Check out her blog, it's inspiring and she's a beautiful person inside and out!

Dear Candy Crush, I would really appreciate it if you would stop being so addicting.  I find myself wasting too much time playing every free second I get.  I even play while I'm falling asleep and doze off while playing every single night, this can't be good!

I need to Lollipop Hammer this addiction AWAY!!!!!
Dear Sickness, I'm really tired of you coming around and visiting me!  I don't like you....period. 
Dear Motivation, can you please come back to me.....I haven't been very motivated lately. 
Dear Weather, can you please stay nice and pretty?  Pweeeeeeeaaaasssseeeee.... Thank you!
Dear Dr. Pepper, you are yummy and make life tasty! Winning!


  1. love your blog! haha that picture is so true! following :)x

  2. The motivation picture is so funny, but that's how it is sometimes!