Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Ok Thursdays ~ Mariah, Tattoos, and Church

It's ok that Nicki Minaj totally gets on my nerves as a judge on American Idol.  I actually have always liked her but.....Mariah's my girl so....whatevs.... over it.

It's ok that my dog is gaining weight....oh wait, so am I.  Work out and diet, starting..... ugh, who knows when.  My momma feeds me TOO WELL!

It's ok that I'm totally loving life right now but at the same time missing everything about North West Arkansas.  It's a very weird feeling but I guess being near the fam makes it happy happy joyful times!

It's ok that I suddenly think a man with tattoos is sexy.... I've never thought they were until recently....

It's ok that I'm torn between two different Church homes. I know I should make a decision soon but it's SO HARD when I LOVE both of these congregations!  They are two totally different styles of preaching but I LOVE them both!  So prayers please, I'm ready to make one of them my Church home! 

It's ok that I'm ready and excited for the WEEKEND!!!!!  LIFE IS AMAZING!!!!!

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