Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Afternoon Update

Well, I haven't done updates in a while and since I am home bored, thought I should start. :)

Tuesday I had surgery. Yuck! Had a kidney stone that wouldn't pass so the doctor went in and shattered it and I got a stint put in between my kidney and bladder. Yuck! Uncomfortable but glad to have it fixed! I will heal in no time! 

My sister came into town to help my Momma take care of me and it has been such a blessing. Last surgery I had in Arkansas was a nightmare. Spent lots of days trying to walk myself to the bathroom or make something to eat and would be in so much pain that I would end up just not eating cause it hurt so bad to get up and fix myself something. My sister was in town for a couple of days for that surgery too but had to go back and when she went back.... I had nobody helping me. It is amazing to have family here helping me! I am so blessed! 

I have had some awesome friends send me flowers and treats and many visitors drop by to check on me! 

And of course Momma's home cooking and the dogs loving on me.....

God is so awesome!!!!! 

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