Sunday, December 1, 2013

Love God Love Others

Love, the single most powerful word in the world.  Saying the word is powerful and expressing the word is phenomenal.   Love is virtually needed by every person in this world, yet we are so selfish with it.  Some people are afraid to express love in fear of getting hurt and others just do not make the time.  I am guilty of both. Sad, huh?  We get so caught up in our own agenda and schedules that we forget people around us need love.

Love, the single most powerful word in the world.

Over the last week and a half, I have focused on love.  Love is a fruit of the spirit and the most important fruit, as love holds all of the fruit together.  Once we can learn to love the way God loves, all of the other fruit will fall into place.

Love is the greatest commandment of all.  (Matthew 22:39) God commands us to love our neighbor, love one another, and most importantly love Him. Without loving Him, I'm not sure how one can truly love. We are all sinful in nature and selfish at that.  Love is supposed to be selfless, yet as humans, we are naturally selfish human beings.  It isn't until we make the choice to surrender our wounded souls and hearts to God and allow Him to work a miracle in our hearts, that we can give and receive true love.

Love is about treating others with honor and respect and that's hard to do if you walk around with a wounded heart.  Let God heal it.  Let God restore it.  Let God love it.  His love is pure and miraculous.  He CAN trade ashes for beauty.  God wants the deepest part of your soul to be completely surrendered to Him.  In order to understand a merciful and graceful love, we HAVE to allow Him in.

Loving others is vital, however, I am not fully convinced that we can completely express a genuine love towards another until we allow Him to come in and completely take over.  Allow Him to take residence in your heart, soul, and mind.  Allow Him to restore those past wounds.  Allow Him to remind you that all things work together for good.

Love, the single most powerful word in the world yet the full depth of love can only be accomplished when experienced with Him as the core intention.  Loving others is not easy but it's commanded of us.  Loving others can be a challenge but it's certainly worth it.

Start by loving yourself enough to invite God into your heart and watch love overflow you.  Be a blessing to somebody and wake up every morning with the intention of spreading His love by spreading His word!

Love Is God!


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