Monday, July 21, 2014

Love Is Unconditional

Here lately I have been questioning "forever love" and it's true existence in this life.  I've learned over the years that we all have a choice for this type of love.  However, the choice is not always ours to make.  Sometimes one half of the relationship wants to make it last forever and the other half wants out.  I don't know what it's like to be married but I hope one day I do know and I hope one day I will know exactly what forever love is.  I don't know if I will get married and wake up in 30 or 40 years to a partner who wants out.  All I know is that I can't and will not give up on the hope that there is a relationship that will outlast any trials and tribulations life brings.  I refuse to let go of that dream that there is that one person who I will find in life who will stand by my side, and I his, through anything and everything and do it holding hands.  I have to continue to pray that I will find somebody who will always choose to say yes to me unconditionally and no to a love with conditions.  

I won't always make the right choices and I won't always wear a size 3 (clearing throat or 5) and I won't always be pleasant and neither will life.  So, all I can hope for is that the person I choose to love will also choose to love me unconditionally.  I know love is a's a big big chance we take but I am in this to win it.  I am in this life to have the life that God intended on me having no matter what the risk and I certainly intend on having the type of marriage God intended.  The world has turned love and marriage into a  temporary season.  Marriage is not a season we go through, it's a life long commitment we make to God.  We are to love our spouses the way God loves the Church and that is unconditionally!  

"Love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love."

"Unconditional love will not be swayed by time or circumstance."

What a concept, huh?  Isn't that what we all want?  Isn't that what we all desire with every ounce of breath in us?  Even the hardest of hearts just wants to be loved.  It's not just the feeling or action of being loved either but it is the ability to trust somebody.  It's hard to put yourself out there and risk being hurt.  So, who doesn't want to find that one person that through all the garbage in life can just give that one amazing magical most needed thing in the

So, if you are currently married, look at your spouse today and recommit yourself to fall in love over and over and over again with without conditions.  If you are single, keep the faith and know God has AMAZING plans for you and your heart! 

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