Saturday, August 9, 2014

Roasted Garlic And Chicken With Broccoli Salad

- get 4 Garlics and cut top of each garlic and place in a pan

- poor olive oil on garlic
- salt and pepper the garlic
- strip the rosemary
- put stems of rosemary in a different pan
- season 4 chicken breasts with salt and pepper
- poor some olive oil in pain with stems
- place chicken in pan
- sprinkle rosemary on chicken 

bake in oven 400 degrees for about 45 min to an hour
- then you want to remove the garlic and cut out the cloves
 - place the cloves to the side.....we are going to use those in a bit

Now to start the broccoli salad.....

- cut up the broccoli - spread in a pan
- stem mushrooms and chop
- spread the mushrooms over the broccoli
- cut up 2 tomatoes and spread those in the pan
- poor olive oil 
- salt and pepper
- squeeze a lemon over the salad and place this in the oven for approximately 20 to 30 min or into it's baked to your liking (everybody likes this different)

Now to start a Garlic spread for the roasted chicken.....

- get your roasted garlic that you placed to the side
- add salt and pepper
- lemon juice
- a touch of rosemary
- mix in olive oil
- smear this on the your roasted chicken and place in the oven for another 10-20 min.  

When all is ready add the Broccoli Salad on top of the chicken and it's WONDERFUL!

There is not a whole lot of measurements on this recipe as this is one of the recipes I just do as I feel, so you should try that also.  Follow your cooking heart and you won't go wrong! =)