Monday, November 3, 2014

No Opportunity Goes Wasted

I have really learned some valuable lessons the last couple of days. With friendships/relationships in general. God has really been working in my heart and I praise Him so much for the lessons He gives me. He never wastes these opportunities to grow us. I am learning to love with the grace and mercy He loves me with. His love is so perfect that I have no other choice but to try and live life and love people with that same grace and mercy! How amazing would this world be if we all had that type of devotion to one another? I had a friend minister to my heart today and she doesn't even know it. I reached out to her to help her thinking I was the one that had something to feed her....turned out that it was the other way around. God never misses an opportunity! NEVER! Thank you God for bringing the people in my life at the exact right moments. YOUR moments. 

God wants us to fight for Him, to be His mouth to speak with, His arms to love with, and His heart to show mercy and forgiveness with. We can't do that if our hearts are hardened to Him. His love and mercy are like no other and why shouldn't we spread that to others. We must work WITH Him to set the world on fire for Him! I'm so ready for the journey He is taking me on to really really start.....each day is a new door opened and each new person is a piece of Him brought into my life for some impacting moment! His timing is impeccable and everything about it is PERFECT! 

It is a wonderful day indeed when we stop working FOR God and begin working WITH God. Food for thought......


  1. I needed this! Your blog is very motivational! Keep up the great work!


  2. Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope it helped your day!