Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thanksgiving In Colorado

So this year, Darin and I drove my mother to Colorado to see my Tia Ofelia.  We haven't spent a big holiday with her in YEARS, since I was a little girl.  So, this trip was super special to us!  Not to mention, it was mine and Darin's first BIG HOLIDAY spent together!

It was nice to finally spend a holiday with sweet little Rachel.

It was also neat to see the Christmas trees in my cousins, Raul and Rachel's honor.  We have seen pictures of them on facebook every year but seeing them in person was different.  I miss them both so much and it is always harder around the holidays.

I spent the majority of my time with Little Rachel!  I couldn't help it, she is sooooo easy to fall in love with.  The first night I was there, we spent the majority of our evening putting on our jamboree nails.  It was fun!

And of course, Thanksgiving Day was a BLAST! Time with family is always a good time!

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