Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Six ~ Road To Addis Countdown

Saturday Six One:

Darin and I booked our flights to NYC and our hotel rooms for our wedding day in NYC!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!!

Saturday Six Two:

Got our engagement announcements in today..... they came out so cute!

Saturday Six Three:

I have been sick since Thursday and so thankful to have the most amazing fiance' ever.  He has been running around for me and taking such great care of me.  I slept a lot today and woke up to a fridge full of veggies and Naked drinks.  I love this man!  So blessed!

Saturday Six Four:

I talked to NYC Shops for my wedding bouquet today.  Everybody has been so nice and helpful!  It's so cool to know that in 27 days, I will be in NYC saying "I do!"

Saturday Six Five:

I snagged a new client today in photography.  She owns a business and asked me to take pictures for her web site from time to time!  Score!

Saturday Six Six:

I'm happy.

I'm really really happy and it is such a great feeling.  I don't have everything together and things aren't always perfect but I'm happy.