Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's About Asking God

Many times we find ourselves having a hard time determining God's will for us. What does He want us to do? What path does He need us on to get to His destination for us? We ask ourselves these questions yet we continue to refuse to totally empty our own thoughts and desires in order for Him to fill us and lead us. We ask ourselves over and over again but refuse to ask God.

In order to know God's will we must be willing to surrender ourselves to Him. Surrender all. Surrender our own desires, passions, thoughts, and plans.  I believe in being bold in our prayers and trusting God with boldness; however, we must first totally empty ourselves and surrender our own will in order to be filled with what He wants for our lives.  Trust me, His path for us exceeds far beyond our own paths for our lives.  

Self-control is fought primarily in our minds and thoughts.  There is a battle going on between our passions and desires that enter into our thoughts.  This is when we begin to pray for that inner strength.  We surrender and allow that curve to happen in order to align our heart with His desires for us.  God wants the best for us and the only way He can give that to us is if we stand strong in His will and stand strong in fighting off the temptations that are thrown our way in the process of walking the right path.  

We must allow the Holy Spirit to work in us, for us, and for His will.  We must allow His will for us to be the driving source to our thoughts and to our behavior and once that inner strength has set in and become our heart, that is when we begin to practice obedience.  Obedience comes with standing strong in what we know God's will is for our lives.  We become obedient and learn to trust in His guidance.  We learn to discern situations and we learn to take captive those lies the enemy tells us.  

"I love all who love me.  Those who search for me shall surely find me." Proverbs 8:17

Feeling lost?  Put your hands together, empty your own desires, close your eyes, and ask Him to fill your heart with the desires He has for you.  Search for those desires.  Search for Him.

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