Sunday, February 22, 2015

Set My Heart On Fire As We Set The World On Fire

I spent the majority of this morning talking back and forth with my sissy about the greatness of our God and it got me to start looking through old blog posts.  I wanted to go back and just really review what all God has brought me through.  As I was looking through old blogs, I ran across this one from October 2011 and my heart completely filled with so much thanksgiving. many people said I was TOO PICKY in my dating life.  Thank You Jesus for making sure I was!  I.AM.LOVED.

October 11, 2011 - Old Blog Entry

I went on a jog with my good friend Anant today and we were discussing relationships. He asked me the big question....the question I have been asked so much since being single. Anant's exact words were, "Crystal, you seem to find something wrong with every guy you haven't been dating for a while so what DO you want in a man?" This has been a very popular question for me over the past few months. Friends are shocked when I say "no thank you" to very eligible and handsome bachelors who seem to have it all. I have yet to answer this question fully. I simply just shrug my shoulders and say "he isn't the one", "just not interested", "he goes out too much", "he doesn't love Jesus", "his breath stinks and God does not want me with a stinky guy", "he doesn't like dogs", "he has yet to call me and ask me out on a proper date", "he believes a relationship is based on text messaging", "his idea of a first date is a movie at his place and I know that that means," and my list goes on and on and on!

So, here it is, all wrapped up in one. :)

Most importantly, I want a man who loves Jesus and prays every day! Somebody who's whole faith is in Him. I want somebody who seeks God in all. Somebody who will travel the world with me and make it a goal in life to set the world on fire for Him! Somebody who actually prays for me and for the relationship. Somebody whom I can trust to lead my home and the relationship because I KNOW that he is led by the spirit and who yes I know will make mistakes from time to time but who will always lead with the right intentions. The trust I will have for him to spiritually lead and lead in every way will be because I KNOW that he is selfless and decisions are based on God's guidance and not what is just best for himself. 

I want somebody who takes the time out to get to know something about me every single day for the rest of our lives. Somebody who seeks my heart and wants to know every detail of my life. Somebody who is truly curious how my day went or how my tennis lesson went or how much I adore spending time with my big sister. Somebody who spends time nourishing the relationship and spends quality time with me and who makes this a priority.  Somebody who adores the fact that I love the color pink and that I have a button nose and that I don't wear make up and I like having my hair up in a ponytail more than anything. Somebody who allows me to love them with all that I have with no fears and not just because they want to be loved but because they want to be loved by ME. Somebody who enjoys life and has fun and can laugh at the little things. Somebody who can be goofy and who can just get up and go and enjoy life. Somebody who will adore Daisy like I do and even will comment on her outfits. HA! I just want somebody who doesn't take life seriously BUT who does take the love of the Lord seriously. Somebody who can communicate and love and can be romantic when it's least expected. Somebody who will send me flowers just because and ok, I do like flowers on special occasions too. Somebody who will text me when they think of me just to let me know. Somebody who calls me beautiful even when I'm not looking good at all, which rarely happens.....ok, fine, it happens a lot! Somebody who encourages me in my walk, with my career, with my friendships, just with life in general. Somebody who will make the effort to get to know my family and friends and not just get to know them but who will love them! 

Do I think this is too much to ask for? Nope, not one bit. I know that I am capable of all this and more; therefore I know it is possible and I know that with God and with love, anything is possible! I also know that ultimately God will choose the one for me. God is and will be the author of my love story. I believe that! 

Ladies, place your heart in the hands of God and He will place it in the hands of a man who He believes deserves it. :)

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