Tuesday, March 24, 2015

If God Doesn't Demand Perfection, Neither Should We

So, lately I have been finding myself questioning how much grace I really do extend to others.  This morning I listened to a pod cast that totally spoke to my heart and helped me piece together some of my own behaviors.  It made me realize there are some things about myself that I need to change..... it was a total blanket of conviction that overcame me with the desire to change something.  It caused me to close my eyes and see the faces of people who I haven't given grace to lately.  I started asking myself all kinds of questions, "what kind of Christian am I if I can't just walk in love?", "what kind of Christian professes to love Christ but then turns around and doesn't love with all that I have to the people around me?", "what kind of Christian expects grace, mercy, and love from a God who so freely gives this to me yet not turn around and extend the same grace, mercy, and love to others?" 

Funny how God works and touches us.  The sermon was over judgement and the love God extends to us.  It really made me think about the questions I had been asking myself and I realized, the kind of Christian I had been lately was like many of the Christians we meet today.  I say this boldly and with a great amount of conviction and I'm sure I'll ruffle some feathers here, BUT almost every Christian today faces these same questions and same attitude.  Yet, some of them do NOTHING to change it.  We are known to walk around with our heads held high casting judgement and displaying an unforgiving heart towards others.  We walk around telling ourselves that our sin is "ok" because "it isn't as bad as hers or as ugly as his."  We walk around separating ourselves from the unlovable because we don't have time or the decency to LOVE them anyway.  We forget that we were once and might be again the "unlovable" and most of the time the unlovable ones are unlovable because they need love the MOST!  

"Christ accepted you, so you should accept each other, which will bring glory to God." Romans 15:7

The truth is, we are all seen the same in God's eyes.  We are all seen with love, mercy, beauty, and glory.  We are all human and all prone to make mistakes, yet Christ died for all of us.  Not just one of us and certainly not just the one who says a little white lie yet down to hell you who "do worse".  Sin is sin, no matter how big or small and we are so blessed to serve a God who loved us so much He sent His only son to die for us.  So, if as Christians, we are to walk in His image, then why aren't we loving others the way we should?  Why aren't we extending the grace and mercy we are supposed to?  

If God can tolerate my mistakes, we should be able to tolerate other's mistakes.

They say the single most reason for atheism in today's society are "Christians".  Because we profess Him with our mouth yet turn around and live a different lifestyle and in a different way.  I fully believe this.  

What stand are you going to make, as a Christian, to make sure WE (CHRISTIANS) are not the REASON somebody turns away from Christ but turns TO HIM?  I encourage you to take a stand today and ask God for forgiveness and ask Him to increase your ability to love others the way HE wants us to!!!  I promise, you will feel an amazing transformation happen in your heart and in the world around you! 

Jesus wants unity in His followers.


  1. Very Good Written.
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