Saturday, August 13, 2016

When I Stretch, He Stretches

God, what an amazing Father we have. I have never been able to wrap my mind around how much He loves us and embraces us. It takes a humble heart to reach out to Him and seek Him. I was asked not too long ago what made me think God was real because when she has been in trouble, He was no where to be seen. I sat down and asked her if she told Him she needed Him and she replied with "no, if He is God then He should know I need Him but He never comes."

This is often people's reaction to God not just rescuing us when we need rescuing. The truth is God is a gentle God and He only comes when we invite Him in. I'm not sure why this is so hard for us to grasp. Sadly, this is the very thing that keeps others from reaching out to Him and saying, "God, I NEED you so much. Please come." There's this pride that sets in our very spirit that expects Him to just know we need Him and we expect Him there right then because we deserve it. Sadly, He does know but we never invite Him to come and our pride keep us from Him.

When we humble ourselves to the need our soul has of Him is when God reveals His presence the most. We might get His whispers and tiny nudges but man, when we earnestly seek Him, He becomes more active in our lives than we can even imagine. When we stretch out to Him is when He will stretch out to us the most! Thank you Daddy for being a gentle Father and loving me so patiently and boldly!

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