Friday, November 11, 2016

High Five For Friday - Meet Holly

High Five For Friday Number One:

Meet Holly Addis, the newest member of our family! I'm thankful for early Christmas gifts from the hubby!!! Love her so much already!

High Five For Friday Number Two:

REST!!!!! Lots of rest this weekend!

High Five For Friday Number Three:

Along with rest, it will be Life Coaching business catch up time! I have my FIRST payed clients and need to get their plans together! Super thankful for God's gifts and allowing me to help others!!!

High Five For Friday Number Four:

Growing in God....WOW! I am growing so much that it feels like my WHOLE perspective has changed drastically! My view on the local church has changed and the things that used to be important to me are not important to me any longer. I have researched and dove into scripture to find out what God really says about the church. (A blog on this soon to come....actually probably a series on this, one won't cover it). God is just amazing!!!!

High Five For Friday Number Five:


I am so thankful and blessed and honored to be this man's wife!!!! Love. Love. Love.

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