Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Addis Family Move

January was a crazy month for the Addis clan!! Darin accepted a job offer in Portland, OR!!! Thus our journey to packing and moving began!

On January 11th, Darin hopped on a plane to Portland, OR to interview, solidify things and find us a home and I hopped in my car and drove to Bentonville, AR! I visited with some friends and went through my storage unit. It was nice to see my friends again! I have missed them dearly!

Then I made a stop in Oklahoma to visit my sissy!!! We had lunch and some awesome sister time!!!

The days following were chaotic, busy, exciting, nerve wracking, joyful and HOPEFUL!!! Last year Darin and I started our year with loss. This year we started it out with hope and excitement to a new beginning! I'm thankful for the family and friends that surrounded us in our last days in Texas!! We love you guys and miss you all like crazy!!!!

We left Lubbock on January 22nd and arrived in Vancouver, WA January 25th. The move took us four days and three nights. It was the hardest thing I have ever done! It was an adventure, it was awesome to see so many different places, it was scary to drive through so many different weathers but it was freeing! I didn't know I had it in me to do such a move!!! I'm thankful for God's Hand on us....He protected us and kept us in peace! I got to see so many places for the first time and added five states to my bucket list of seeing all 50 states in the USA! We also spent an evening in Vegas with my brother and sister-in-law! It was SO much fun!

When we drove into Portland, I knew the decision we had made was the right one. God confirmed this with the beauty He has created.

We have enjoyed ourselves these past couple of weeks! I miss my family and friends dearly but I'm thankful for technology and I get to FaceTime, Skype and video conference with them!!!

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