Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Six - Bed Rest, Anniversaries, Businesses and Love

Saturday Six Number One:

Bed rest! BLAH! I keep telling myself it will all be worth it (more on that later). I'm thankful for a husband who serves and cares for me. I couldn't get through this without a heated blanket, fuzzy socks and every snack that my little heart desires!

Saturday Six Number Two:

While I'm on bed rest, I've been watching one of my old favorites! (Don't judge.....)

Saturday Six Number Three:

Darin and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary this past Monday. I'm so thankful for this beautiful marriage. My whole life I have heard how hard marriage is but with Darin, it's so easy. It's so easy to love him completely and so easy to let him love me. Thank you Jesus for answering my every prayer for my husband. I'm thankful!

Saturday Six Number Four:

I've been working so hard on my coaching business. I've been learning more from other coaches and getting ready to launch my first program! Lots of prayers please!!!! I'm excited for this adventure!

Saturday Six Number Five:

Speaking of businesses..... I also picked up photography again. I'm not sure how serious I will be with it but we live in such a beautiful area again so why NOT pick it up again and maybe make a few extra dollars doing something that I love!? I'm excited about it!

Saturday Six Number Six:

Another Anniversary we celebrated this week was the day I met my sweet Daisy! March 3, 2011 she became mine and I have enjoyed every single second of her in my life!!!

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