Sunday, March 26, 2017

Turning The Tables By Teresa Giudice - 3 Stars

I am a HUGE fan of Housewives Of New Jersey and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Teresa Giudice, so you can imagine my excitement when I was sent her book to review. I couldn't wait to read about her journey of heart change and life experience as she made that dreaded transition. Where I did enjoy reading a little bit more about her perspective of going to prison and reading about her love for her family, I have to say I was a little disappointed in this book. Don't get me wrong, it was still interesting to read about her inner thoughts of going to prison and I shed a few tears at times when she wrote about being away from Joe and her children. I mean, I cannot imagine being taken away from my husband and children (fur babies, I only have fur babies). However, I would have liked more insight to her inner life change as opposed to hearing every detail about the prison life. I wanted to hear more about HOW prison CHANGED her from the inside out as opposed to what she ate, what she watched on TV etc. It got boring half way in. I for sure know more about prison life now but not much more on who Teresa is after her prison sentence.

I still love Teresa Giudici but just barely like the book.

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