Friday, April 28, 2017

High Five For Friday - New Job, New Seasons and New Clothes

High Five For Friday Number One:

I accepted a job offer this afternoon to work for Brazi Bites! If you haven't tasted Brazi Bites, you are missing out!!!!! I'll be an admin assistant and work in customer service as well. I'm super excited!

High Five For Friday Number Two:

Blogging blogging blogging has been super busy lately! Book blogging, fashion blogging and just fun blogging! It's been a blast and I'm excited to get more blogging jobs!

High Five For Friday Number Three:

One of my very good friends from back home gave me the news this week that her and her husband are looking for a job in Portland, OR! OMG!!!!!!! A hometown friend here in the Pacific Northwest!!!!! Yes, Please!!!!!!!!!

High Five For Friday Number Four:

I have found some new delicious gluten free yummies this week! If you are on a gluten free diet then you know how difficult this is.

High Five For Friday Number Five:

New job means new outfit!?!?!? I'm gonna shop this weekend....hopefully hubby will be ok with that! :)

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