Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What I'm Loving Wednesday - Weather, Happy Place and Family

I'm loving the beautiful weather here in Washington the past couple of days. It's normally rainy (which I DO LOVE) but the sunshine and spring atmosphere has been amazing as well!!!!

I'm loving that I have a supportive husband who took me to find my happy place this past weekend. My heart was hurting due to the death of a family member. We cross the St. John's bridge at least two times a week, so he decided to take me to explore the area. One of his friends from work told him there was a little park under the bridge. Indeed there was and indeed it was beautiful and indeed.....I found my happy place.

What I'm loving the most is God's amazing grace and peace. We lost Steve Reese this past weekend and it broke my heart. However, I know Steve is finally resting and in peace and that brings me joy. Thank You Jesus for loving him!

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