Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Ok Thursday ~ Post Surgery Randomness

It's ok that I could care less about Twilight starting tonight......not interested.

It's ok that I am still physically healing from the surgery....It will take time and I just have to keep telling myself that and NOT get frustrated (I was frustrated today). 

It's ok that I slept most of the day because of pain pills AND I am ready to go back to sleep again.  Had to take another pain pill, this pain just won't go away.  BLAH! 

It's ok that I am hoping one of my friends will want to hit the movies this weekend..... I am in need of a movie AT the theatre. 

It's ok that I'm totally lost in season transition but THAT'S TOTALLY OK!!!!  I'm just praying and going with God's guidance. I know I can't go wrong that way! 

It's ok that I still love looking at all the Get Well flowers and balloons I got after surgery.....I'm a flower girl and they make me feel so happy to look at them! :)

It's ok that I have no idea what I will wear to work tomorrow, everything hurts around my waist.  I wish I could just wear pajama pants to work!!!!!! DUH!

It's ok that I'm craving chocolate.....duh!


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