Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful For True Friendships

Today I am thankful for friendships! True friends are truly amazing because they are the family we pick on our own and this choice should be made very carefully! Real friends are more than just "hang out buddies", they are selfless kind hearted people. They will never turn their back on you no matter what is going on in life. They won't JUST be your friend under certain conditions. They will be your friend even when conditions are not going their way. They will see deep into your life and want to help you, not harm you by helping you stumble in things you need help with. True friends are jewels and a treasure and really are hard to find. I am so thankful for my amazing friends. I have so many life long friends that have always shown me all of these things. They have always respected me and my life and stood by my side with no conditions attached. I have never had to wonder about my friendships and have always been able to just KNOW I had amazing friends. Some of you have been my friends for years and have helped me fight demons in my past, helped me fight addictions with alcohol by truly seeing my weaknesses and wanting to strengthen me and not just ignore it and be a part of my stumbling, you guys have prayed for me when life was going a wacky direction and cheered me on when I would get back on track, you guys have told me the hard things that I needed to hear so that I could better myself as a Christian woman (you guys don't hold back when I need to work on something or have made a mistake). I am SO thankful for the blessing of true friendships! I love you guys! :)


  1. Aw, so am I. True friends, no judgement friends, are SO rare!

  2. Yes they are and friends who truly see who you are and want to help are even harder to find and I'm SO thankful I have friends who empower me and not just help me continue to stumble in my weaknesses! God is so good!