Sunday, March 31, 2013

Birthdays and St. Patrick's Day

I'm a month behind on pictures, which is very unusual for me but I've been so super busy these days! I'll get better....I promise!  

One of the perks to living back home is that I see FAMILY pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY and I love it!  Spending every holiday and birthday with them is AMAZING!  I will never take this for granted again.  I took total advantage of it before I ever moved to Arkansas and being away for so many years and losing family members along the way has made me realize how special family is!  Sure we fight and get on one another's nerves from time to time but I love 'em!!!!  I'm pretty sure I have the best family ever! 

So, my birthday was a little odd this year because it was busy, stressful, yet awesome!  Regina and I moved into our apartment that day and Daisy also had surgery.  However, we were still able to enjoy the day and my family made it very special for me even though we were busy with moving and all. 

Here is Daisy's little wound....she was so pathetic after getting heart ached for her!

Momma started my birthday off with her amazing hot chocolate and yummy breakfast!


And our moving day began!

A couple of weeks later we celebrated my uncle's birthday by taking him out to eat!  I am pretty sure he had the time of his life!

St Patrick's weekend came upon us and my mommy and I drove to Oklahoma to visit and help take care of my sister who had just had surgery.  We spent St. Patrick's Day with her and laid around all day in our pajamas and matching St. Patty's Day socks! :)
We had a chance to meet a couple of her sweet friends there and one of them sang beautiful praise and worship music.  Even Daisy was in love with her music and couldn't take her eyes off of her....
We spent a few days with sissy and on our way back to Lubbock made a stop at the convent to see my Tia Ofelia.  My Tia Ofelia is also known as Sister Celine and who just so happens to be the most amazing woman I know!  Sharing her blood is an HONOR and nobody will ever understand how much this woman means to me!  I love her and always enjoy our time together!  She fell in love with Daisy and asked me to bring her back to visit soon!
I love being back home!  Dorothy hit the nail on the head when she said, "there's no place like home...."  All is good in Crysal's world! 
God Bless.... 


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