Friday, March 29, 2013

Release and Trust

"I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11
If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I quote this scripture often.  It's my favorite scripture and always the scripture I revert to in times of "self-pity" and doubt.  It is a scripture that reminds me of how much He loves us and how He only wants the very best for us! 
Here lately I have struggled with relationships and the need to discern the people that God wants in my life.  I have always gone through life wanting to please others.  Therefore, I mold myself to be somebody I am really not.  I stretch myself too thin trying to please everybody and then getting frustrated with myself when I let somebody down.  I have come to realize that the enemy has used this weakness against keep me in friendships that are not healthy or of Him.  To keep me in strongholds with people that I need to let go of. 
For the longest time, I couldn't fathom letting a friendship go for any reason.  I have been known to hold on to people and relationships for as long and as tight as I can, even when that gut feeling in me is telling me to let go.  That gut feeling is also known as the Holy Spirit tugging. I often pray for God to totally empty me of all that is not of Him; bitterness, anger, criticism, lack of love, unforgiveness, temptations; etc.  However, I never have really prayed for Him to totally empty me from all relationships and people that are not of Him in my life.  I obeyed him about a month and a half ago when He tugged at my heart to quit talking to an ex-boyfriend.  It was hard, it was tough, it broke my heart but I obeyed and in that obedience He revealed so much to me.  So much about myself, the ex, and the unhealthy relationship we had.  Obeying Him allowed me that time and opportunity to see the whole picture and to really grasp why the relationship failed.
Letting go of an old flame is one thing but when He asks us to let go of important friendships in our life, well that's a different story.  Especially when you can't find any rhyme or reason besides the fact that He is guiding you to do it.  I released some people in my life this week and it was bitter sweet.  It was hard and it hurt but it was also peaceful and liberating.  I was listening to Joel Olsteen Thursday and one of the things he stated was, "if you don't let go of the wrong people in your life, He cannot make room for the right people to come into your life."  I felt that freedom, that space made for the right people to come into my life. 
If we are in relationships that do not bring the best out of us or vice versa, we do not bring the best out of them, then it is time to move on.  Some people are meant to be in our life for only a season, and that's ok.  We might upset others or disappoint them when we finally follow God's lead and let go but that's ok.  We are not placed on this earth to please man, but to please God and God alone.  We have to trust Him and if He is guiding us to let something or somebody go, do it!  There is a reason and any Christian knows that He uses everything for good and for His will, so we have to put that trust in Him and Him alone! 
If for some reason, you ever find yourself on the other side of this coin.  If you are ever the one being released from somebody's life, just remember that God knows all.  You might not understand it at the time and you might even think it's unfair but just remember to keep trusting Him.  Being released from somebody's life does not make the person being released a "bad person".  It just means that for God's own reason, we are not to be in that person's life.  Be careful in your assumptions and do not judge too quickly because only God knows all the details of every situation at hand.  He has His reasons for everything and whether we are letting go or being let go, we have to trust Him!!!   
"Depend on the Lord; trust Him and He will take care of you."  Psalm 37:5