Sunday, March 17, 2013

Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Over 2 million children around the world each year lose their innocence when they are kidnapped, sold or tricked into a rapidly growing commercial sex industry. While the issue of human trafficking spans the globe, the problem is also happening in our own back yard as 200,000 children are trafficked each year in the United States, with the average age of victims being 12 years old.
Although the problem is immense, a number of organizations are dedicated to fighting the evil of human trafficking, and restoring the victims that endure it.
  • End It Movement combines different organizations with the ultimate goal to bring awareness to the evils of human trafficking. Learn more and find out how to spread the word at
  • The A21 Campaignprevents human trafficking through education of potential victims, protects those who have been trafficked by providing shelter and transition homes, prosecute perpetrators, and partner with law enforcement agencies and other organizations to end slavery.
  • Abolition International, originally founded by K-LOVE artist Natalie Grant, seeks to end sex trafficking and exploitation through advocacy, education, aftercare accreditation and restoration.
  • International Justice Missionrescues victims of slavery, sex exploitation and other types of oppression across the world.
  • Not For Salestrives to end human trafficking by targeting the root causes of slavery and creating awareness to help abolish it permanently
This January, help create awareness to the “least of these” during Human Trafficking Awareness Month and get the world out to help end this injustice.


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