Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday ~ Work Church, New Seasons, Spiritual Growth, Marriage, And Friendship

I'm loving my new job at Trinity!  I love being able to worship and work for God!  I love that Staff Chapel is a part of our work day!  We got a good word from Pastor Carl was a Church service to start off our day complete with praise and worship time and all!  God is so good!

 (Picture courtesy of Pastor JD)

I love that I have an amazing fiance' who has been so supportive of my new ventures!

I love that I have been going through an amazing season of spiritual growth!  It has been amazing to literally feel the changes happening within my heart and within my spirit!  I have prayed diligently for discernment and for God to help me see His ways and to love with His heart!  My thought process has changed drastically over the past two months and it's a development that I cannot explain!  It has required me to remove toxic relationships from my life yet to still have a huge heart for those people I have let go of!  I have grown an even stronger and pure love for them by allowing myself to let go and love from a distance.  Sometimes when we hold toxic relationships and negative people so tightly in our grasp, it causes us to not see them with the pure eyes that we should.  We see them with eyes of pain and hurt and I am learning that sometimes letting go is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves and for them!

I love that I am getting married in 44 days!!!!  Can you believe it!!!!  44 DAYS!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!  After years of praying for him and taking wrong turns..... I'm going to be a wife!!!  I pray to be the most amazing wife to him that I can possibly be!!!!

I love that preparing for marriage has forced me to dig deep into the depth of me and see God!  I have desired to have a strong marriage in Him and I am determined to be spiritually ready when we begin our journey as husband and wife!

I love that the last couple of days I have been able to reflect on amazing friendships that I have had over the past few years and have  been so thankful for those amazing people in my life!

I love that with counting my blessings of old friendships, I have also opened my heart to amazing new friendships!  Friendships that I never expected to blossom, are blossoming!  Godly girlfriends are the best! Thank you Jesus!

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