Friday, January 22, 2016

A Week Of Beauty

This week has been a stepping stone for me.  Where I still felt a pain in my heart, I was able to function better.  Monday was my hardest day.  I was in the office by myself most of the day and kept feeling pain overwhelm me throughout the day.  On the drive home, I felt so much sadness that I didn't think I could bear it any longer.  I got home and ran into my husband's arms and he comforted me.  His embrace reminded me that God has us and all is well in His plan.  We decided to go on a date to the movies.  I was able to experience joy again in our marriage.  We laughed and talked and I had fun with my husband again for the first time in weeks.  Thank You Jesus!

My sister came into town Tuesday and what a blessing her visit was.  We talked and spent good quality time together.  We laughed, cried, and shared private feelings that we have only shared with God and our husbands.  The time together was beautiful and I'm so thankful for her obedience.  God nudged her to come visit us and she obeyed.  He knew I needed the love of my big sister.  Thursday afternoon her and my Mom came over with pink and blue balloons.  I wrote messages on them and released them to the heavens.  I am confident that those messages made it to their rightful home.  

The days are getting easier and my moments of sorrow are getting fewer.  I'm not yet ready to try for baby #2 but I am prayerfully expecting God will tell me when it's time.  I'm thankful for His love and support.  I'm thankful for His grace and mercy with each passing day.  He makes all things beautiful and I will rest in that fact!  I am able to see so much of His beauty through this loss and I cannot thank Him enough for that.