Friday, February 26, 2016

Be Peace

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you made some wrong choices? What did you do in that moment or after the fact?  Did you repent?  If other people were involved, did you seek forgiveness?  Did you admit to God, yourself, and others your wrong doings? 

"So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin." James 4:17

It's hard to humble ourselves and admit our wrong doings and it is also hard to humble ourselves and ask others or even God for forgiveness.  Admitting we are wrong makes our pride wall go up and we do not want to put it down!  We are afraid that others will view us badly or look down at us.  We tend to get so concerned with the judgement of people that we forget who's judgement can destroy a land.  God's wrath is real and He still holds people accountable for actions.

Peace is connected to humbleness and when we can humble ourselves to others and to even ourselves, wow, the peace that follows that humbleness is amazing! God honors the moments in life when we can humble ourselves, admit our wrongs, and seek forgiveness. He shows us grace and allows a shift to happen in our lives.  He allows growth and change to happen in us and this growth empowers us to do life differently.  That one moment of humbleness and repentance can change our whole lives forever!!

Never underestimate the power small moments have in our lives.  A small moment of ego; whether it is trying to prove you are right and somebody else is wrong, or refusing to admit your wrongdoings, or putting blame on other people and not allowing yourself to grow in a situation are small moments that if not handled Godly, can keep us stagnant in life.  These moments and small events in our life are HUGE!  God doesn't care about our reputation as much as He cares about our character.  He will use these moments to evaluate where our heart really is and if we are ready for His movement in our lives.

A small incident or event in our life where we do not show humbleness and shadow our wrongs with ego and immaturity WILL have a lasting effect on our journey!  When we encounter grace and humbleness, we can't help but to change inside and to open the doors to God's goodness.  The grace of God empowers us to be radically changed but we have to step aside from ourselves. We have to be willing to release the ego and allow our hearts to be kind, honest, and pure.  

What is holding you back from that freedom?  Is it a small argument with a friend or a family member?  Somebody within your church family?  Is it a reaction to a spouse or a child? What decisions whether big or tiny are keeping you from God's complete goodness in your life? Ask Him, pray about it and follow His lead.  Do not let arrogance, fear, or ignorance keep you from doing what is right!  Obedience is not easy but it is worth it!

What is the soul of your existence?  If it's Jesus then be love today.  Be humble. Be graceful.  Be kind.  Be peace. 


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