Friday, January 11, 2013

High Five For Friday ~ Momma's Encouragement and Lots Of Preciousness

High Five Number One:

I spent a lot of time with Momma this week!  We had a pleasant week filled with Bible study and her motivating me to follow my photography dream to the next level.  She gave me so much encouragement this week and really reignited the fire in me for my business.  Needed that!  THANK YOU MOMMA!

High Five Number Two:

I have four opportunities for four different missions trips this summer.  I need prayer on where God wants me to serve.  Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Kenya...... all are wonderful opportunities with wonderful groups!  I just need direction on where HE wants me!

High Five Number Three:

Daisy is cute!

High Five Number Four:
I love my new Antonio Melani boots that I finally got to wear today!  I'm in love.....oh why do I love shoes so much....

High Five Number Five:
This morning was a neat one because Regina and I got to check out the KAMC Weather lab with Matt Posgai. 

Isn't she cute? I love my cousin!

and isn't he precious?? I kinda have a crush on him....shhhhh....don't tell anybody.

Gina and I learned some neat things and it was really cool!

Glad it's Friday and now it's time for a very busy weekend of photography jobs! WOOT WOOT!!!! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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